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Sakura ‘ Cherry Blossom ‘

23 Jan

~ Sakura is one of my ultimate most beautiful favorite “things” in this world – From the palette of colors, White, Pink, Violet, Pourpre,  Purple, Saumon, … the way they blossom and their symbol, to the great inspiration it has given me and still does, for fashion, drawings, tattoos, paint or  collecting and taking photographs.

My first Post is about Sakura ^.*

It is the unofficial  national flower of Japan, it has been celebrated for many centuries.

“Bright Future” is on of it’s symbols, as well as the beauty of nature, renewal of life, and first love…but can also represent the transiency and fragility of beauty, life, and love

The Flowers delicacy suggest Purity, Transience, Melancholy, and have Poetic appeal.

In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize the transience of life because of their short blooming times ( 1 to 2 weeks of full peek  blossom ), and starts around  April or May depending on the climate.

Falling blossoms are metaphors for fallen warriors who died bravely in battle, which links them to Samurai – ( which I will talk about as well as Katana,  the samurai sword another time soon ).

In China Sakura refers to Female dominance, Beauty, and Sexuality.

In the Language of Herbs it means “Love”.

Being it a Spring flower, it is the sign of the arrival of Spring . Most Japanese schools and public buildings have cherry blossom trees outside of them. Since the fiscal and school year both begin in April, and the first day of work or school coincides with the cherry blossom season 🙂

The Cherry Blossom viewing is called “Hanami”, and is celebrated through parties underneath the Trees, where people and photographers gather from all around the world.

The blossoming stays for a short period of time and can start from April or May depending on the climate.

They can have from 5 up to 100 petals each 🙂 and of course vary from white yellow pink … and change color-

Numerous parks across the world have sakura trees, Of course In Japan, China, there’s in Australia, Canada, Brazil, USA, England, Turkey, Germany…

Sakura-Yu is tea with sakura leaves 🙂

Sakura is everywhere in my world, ow and it’s a common name for girls and boys in Japan, and I already had thought of including Sakura in the name of my Daughter, ( when and if I shall have one 🙂 )

I have Tattoos of Sakura and planning on having more, Might go a little mad and have them growing all over me 🙂

It will be a big part of my wedding theme as well, Told you I’m obsessed 🙂 including Fairies and all – ( that’s another topic on the way ) – That’s if I get Married ( kind of a phobia at the moment.. 😛 )

I also have 2 mini little “Orange Blossom trees” in my little garden and the first time I saw them blossoming I thought I was dreaming 😀 but I wasn’t so when outside under the sun and took pictures until I ran out of battery 😀

I have a lot of ideas which includes Sakura from painting to clothes and many more, will keep you updated and show the Art in due time ^.*



Sakura Yu TeaSakura and Bee ^.*Pink Sakurawater color sakura paint